This short game is part of the "WONDERFUL WORLD 1945" which are my games that took inspiration from WW2. This game is not an accurate representation but a fun thing. 

FIRE AND FREEZE is about when the Germans tried to invade Moscow. The harsh cold climate make it almost impossible for the Germans to continue the invasion. The Russians also used "Katyushas" which are rockets that are massed produced during the reign of the Soviet Union. This rockets, despite of their inaccuracy, give fear to the enemies because of its howling sound adding up to the psychological warfare, the Germans nicknamed this as "Stalin's organ". 

Please point out any bugs or crap in the game so I could fix it. Expect more games like this if I am motivated, so stay tuned.


Version 0.2
- Improved explosion radius.
- Increased health from 5 to 10.
- Reduced difficulty from the first 40 seconds.
- Added final score text at dead screen.
- Fixed some bugs.

Version 0.3

- Fixed player hitbox position.

- Adjusted trigger timing of rockets.

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